AAPTE CPT-EFS Recertification Information

Purpose of Recertification

The purpose of recertification is to ensure the certificants commitment to professional development and to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities as competent personal trainers. Recertification requires AAPTE certificants to stay current with professional standards and guidelines in the fitness industry. In turn, the personal trainer will be able to deliver programs to their clients that are safe, effective and motivational. The areas of professional development are reflective of the Job Analysis Study, relevant to knowledge, skill and abilities required of the Certified Personal Trainer – Exercise Fitness Specialist. To support the AAPTE’s commitment to ensure the proficiency of its certificants and protection of the public, the AAPTE credential must be renewed every two years. This ensures that AAPTE certified professionals are current in the best industry practices as described in the most recent Job Analysis Study.

A. Recertification Process

Certificants wishing to renew their certification must complete a minimum of 15.0 CECs (Continuing Education Credits) within a *two year certification period. A minimum of 5 CECs must be obtained directly from the AAPTE. Documentation must be received or
postmarked no later than Dec 31st of your certification expiration year, as appears on your Certification Diploma.

Certificants with a first time certification period of 1.5 years are required to obtain 10.0 CECs with a minimum of 5 CEC’s from the AAPTE within their certification period. This applies to those candidates completing the AAPTE CPT-EFS Exam in the spring/summer. Documentation must be received or postmarked no later than Dec 31st of your certification expiration year, as appears on your Certification Diploma and is subject to renewal every second December thereafter per the requirements above.  

To re-certify you must maintain a copy of all CECs awarded by The Academy or other CEC providers and any Petition Approval Notices. You will be required to submit all copies at the time of recertification. Required written documentation and fees include:

  • *15.0 Post-Certification CECs - with a minimum of 5 CEC’s being provided by the AAPTE - re-certification fee of $85. Please include your certification number on your check.
  • Copy of Petitioned Approval Notice(s) (if applicable).
  • Photocopy of your current valid CPR-AED Certification card (front and back) Note: Online credentialing does not meet the CPR-AED requirement.

Upon receiving the completed documentation and fees for recertification, the AAPTE will send a recertification acknowledgement letter and new certification seal indicating the next renewal date. This seal is to be placed on your Certification Diploma.

B. Recertification 6 Month Extension Option

The AAPTE recognizes that there are circumstances that may render a certificant unable to accumulate the required number of CECs in the allotted time frame. There is a six month extension option available for those that have not completed their required continuing education credits. You may obtain the extension by registering online on the AAPTE’s recertification page. There is a fee of $85.00. The extension fee does not include the recertification fee due upon submission of Recertification Application. Certificants must register online prior to their recertification expiration date of December 31. Upon AAPTE’s receiving your on line extension and payment, the AAPTE will grant the 6 month extension.

Failure to acquire the necessary credits for recertification during the 6 month extension period will render the certificant’s certification void and the certificant will be required to retake and pass the AAPTE CPT-EFS exam to receive current certification status from the AAPTE.

C. Petitioning the AAPTE for CEC’s from other CEC Providers for Face to Face

Courses (see letter E for E-Learning , Homestudy and Webinar Courses)
In addition to AAPTE courses, the certificant may obtain CE credits by participating in course offerings given at Universities, colleges, workshops, seminars, or clinics, sponsored by other organizations. Credits are awarded based upon the type of program and whether or not the program continues and adds to your education based upon the knowledge required to attain your original certification.

All AAPTE CEC courses meet the aforementioned criteria. A maximum of 0.5 credits will be awarded for every contact hour. A maximum of 5.0 CEC’s may be awarded per course meeting AAPTE criteria. Courses submitted for AAPTE CEC approval have a Non-Refundable Petitioning Review fee of fifteen dollars ($15) per course. This fee schedule applies per submission. A maximum of 5 CECs may be awarded per course meeting AAPTE criteria. Contact hours are instructional and do not include registration, breaks or lunch hours, or test / exams. When petitioning conferences or conventions consisting of multiple workshops, and, or seminars, list each session separately. You will find a petition form at www.aapte.org/recertification. A maximum of 5 CEC’s may be awarded per one day conference / convention. The petition fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee that credits will be awarded. Course work submitted for approval must have:

1. Confirmation of attendance

2. Complete course description

3. Breakdown of lecture and hands-on portions in terms of total time

4. Instructor Bio

5. Total classroom participation time

Candidates are required to petition for CECs in writing by completing the CEC Petition Application and mailing payment to:

AAPTE CEC Petition

P.O. Box 539, East Meadow, N.Y. 11554

or by fax: 516-222-0004, including all required documentation and forms. Submitted information will be evaluated based on curriculum, educational hours, course format, relevance, and enhancement to your certification. Certificants are advised to obtain approval from the AAPTE, prior to taking courses outside of the AAPTE. Be sure to include your name, certification identification number, and original certification completion date with the AAPTE. Please allow 30 days from the date of receipt for a response. NOTE: Sending incomplete information may result in the increase of response time. Please submit your CEC petitions early to ensure sufficient time to receive a response prior to your renewal date. Only CEC Petition Approval Notices (see below) will be reviewed at time of renewal. You may NOT submit a petition request for CECs along with your renewal application.

D. College / University courses that may be accepted

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Human Biology

Sports Psychology
Exercise Physiology


Each college course credit is equal to 1.25 AAPTE CECs, with a maximum of 5.0 CEC per course. See petitioning procedures above.

E. Petitioning E-Learning, Webinars, and Home Study Courses

The petition must include:

1. A course description clearly detailing the topic and content. Additionally an explanation of how the subject matter relates to the personal training profession.

2. A minimum of three learning objectives must be provided.

3. Each topic must be broken down into time segments. For example: Anatomy 1 hour, Physiology 1.5 hours, Nutrition 1.5 hours. Please include break time as well.

4. A copy of supporting materials must be submitted.

5. Presenter's name, bio, or resume. Must include credentials.

6. A completed petition form available at: www.aapte.org/recertification

Not Approved for CECs

The AAPTE will not provide CEC’s for certification exams as an exam is not course work and does not meet our continuing education criteria.

F. Notice of Acceptance or Denial

The AAPTE CPT-EFS professional will be contacted postal mail and/or email announcing the outcome of the petition in approximately 30 days of receipt of petition application. Approval notices must be maintained by the candidate and copies submitted with recertification documentation.

G. Recertification CEC Petition Denial Appeals Process

Certificants who are denied a petitioned CEC course may wish to appeal the decision and may do so within 30 days of notice of denial. Appeals requests must be made in writing to the AAPTE Petition Appeals Committee and include any documentation that would substantiate the appeal. Appeals are subject to an administrative fee of $25.00 per course and will be submitted to the Certification Appeals Committee for review. The Certification Appeals Committee is comprised of three certified professional representatives and will meet via phone, in person, or electronic means. This process requires up to 90 days. All decisions made by the Certification Appeals Committee are final and cannot be appealed again.

H. Certification Appeals Committee

The Certification Appeals Committee is a non-standing committee, formed upon necessity and governed by the AAPTE CPT- EFS Policies and Procedures for standards and procedures of meetings. A majority vote is necessary for denial or approval of an appeal. All decisions made by the Certification Appeals Committee are final and cannot be appealed again.

I. Distant CEC

The AAPTE offers a maximum of 2 research paper opportunities for CPT-EFS candidates for CEC credits in any one recertification period. You can earn CEC credits for research on a specific fitness topic. The papers are a minimum of 5 pages typed, double-spaced using an 11 pt (Arial) font size. Candidates must submit three topics of choice and one will be approved by the AAPTE 2.5 CECs will be awarded for a complete paper. Papers must be properly cited and constructed using APA style. See format guide at: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/.

Fee: $85. For more information, contact the AAPTE by email at cec@aapte.org.

J. Carrying Over CEC Credits to The Next Certification Period

The AAPTE does not carry over CECs when a certificant has accrued credits in excess of the required CEC amount for recertification for the following certification time period.

K. Requests for Continuing Education Credit Audit

Certificants requesting a search of CECs completed within a recertification period will be required to pay a $65 Administrative fee to the AAPTE. Requests, along with the audit fees may be mailed to:

AAPTE CEC Credit Audit

P.O. Box 539

East Meadow, New York, 11554

L. CPR-AED Certification

To recertify you must maintain and present a copy of current CPR-AED certification. Every time you recertify your CPR-AED, present a copy of the front and the back of the card to the AAPTE. Online credentialing does not meet the CPR-AED requirement.

M. Submitting for Recertification Renewal

At the time of your AAPTE CPT-EFS certification renewal all documentation and fees should be mailed to:

AAPTE Recertification Administration

P.O. Box 539

East Meadow, N.Y. 11554

N. Notice of Acceptance or Denial

By failing to meet the recertification requirements indicated below, your application for recertification will be denied. In the event that the certificants application is denied, he/she will receive a letter from the AAPTE stating the reason for denial. The applicant will then have 30 days to resubmit their application or appeal the recertification decision (see Recertification Appeals, Section G, page 6). If the required documentation or request for extension is not received within the 30 days, the certification will become invalid and the applicant will be required to retake and pass the AAPTE CPT-EFS Examination to obtain new certification status from the AAPTE:

• Documentation hasn't been submitted by the recertification deadline

• Extension hasn't been requested prior to the certification renewal deadline

• Did not meet the minimum required CECs

• No Petition Application and / or Approval for CECs obtained outside of the AAPTE

• Did not meet the minimum requirement of 5 CECs obtained directly from the AAPTE

• Recertification fees not paid in full

• Valid Proof of CPR-AED not provided