About APTE

Founded in 1996, the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education is an education, certification and continuing education organization that provides comprehensive, practical hands on, science based education and nationally accredited certification for aspiring and accomplished fitness professionals.

In 2009, the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education was granted national accreditation by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA — http://www.credentialingexcellence.org) for our Personal Trainer - Exercise Fitness Specialist credential. In 2020 The NCCA granted the APTE national accreditation for the Certified Personal Trainer - Resistance Training Specialist (RTS1) Credential. 

The NCCA is an independent non-governmental agency that accredits certifications in a variety of professions, including nursing and athletic training. NCCA reviews the certification organization's procedures, protocols and operations, and determines if the certification properly discriminates between those who are qualified and those who are not qualified to be awarded the respective credential. With several hundred personal training, fitness related certification available to the public the NCCA accreditation clearly distinguishes the APTE Personal Trainer - Resistance Training Specialist1 (RTS1) Certification from others. 

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