The Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE) understands that it is important for certified fitness professionals to have access to a variety of topics and professional viewpoints relevant to the fitness industry. The AAPTE makes every effort to provide fitness education and information to its fitness professionals that is both accurate and has a valid scientific basis. However, AAPTE acknowledges that some topics of interest and professional viewpoints may not necessarily be in accordance with the AAPTE’s principles and philosophies. Therefore, the pre-approval by AAPTE of this continuing education course is not intended to endorse the course content or imply an agreement of such content by AAPTE. Furthermore, the pre-approval of this course does not permit the approval of other believed similar courses. Certificants are advised to obtain approval from the AAPTE through AAPTE’s petition process prior to taking any courses offered outside of the AAPTE.