Certification Advisory Board

APTE Mission Statement

The mission of the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (APTE) is to provide a comprehensive, informative and progressive science-based certification program in both theoretical and practical formats. To enable the certified fitness professional to associate with other allied health care professionals in a quest to better serve the client so that the highest level of health and fitness is achieved through the implementation of safe, effective, and efficient exercise mechanics, exercise prescription and nutritional and mindful practices. To be a respected resource in the field of health and fitness through action, deed, and character.

APTE CAB Mission Statement

The mission of the Certification Advisory Board (CAB) is to:

  • Maintain a quality certification program for the personal trainer profession.
  • Oversee the certification process and monitor its policies and procedures.

CAB Scope of Authority

The Certification Advisory Board (CAB) is a subsidiary/affiliate entity of the APTE. The CAB shall function autonomously with regard to the establishment and refinement of all essential certification decisions, which include certification eligibility requirements, recertification requirements, disciplinary determinations, examination development, examination administration, examination scoring, and selection of subject matter experts. The CAB has final decision-making authority over the complete examination development cycle, which includes practice analysis (i.e., job analysis or role delineation), exam content outline, item writing, item review, development of exam forms, standard setting (i.e., cut score study), exam administration, exam scoring, candidate score reporting, and data analysis and exam technical reports. The CAB shall function autonomously with respect to its credentialing criteria, policies and procedures, administration, time, place, and frequency of its meetings, election of officers and Directors, and all other lawful activities. The CAB shall have no role in developing exam review materials, educational resources or conducting educational programs (hereinafter referred to as “Curriculum”) that may be used by candidates pursuing successful completion of the certification program.


Board Chair

Michael Ryan, CPT, CSCS

Michael is a fitness professional serving the industry for over 24 years.  A graduate of Queens College with a BA in Health Management, he is also certified via the NSCA-CSCS & CPT, NASM – CES, Precision Nutrition and a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Corporately, Michael is an educator to his peers as a Master Instructor and a Tier 4 Coach for Equinox and operates a private practice on Long Island.  Educating various populations on the fundamentals of movement, nutrition, and regeneration thereby inspiring them to integrate these principles into their activities of daily living is the driving force that has kept him thriving in this ever-changing environment.  Michael is a proponent of continuing education and is honored to be elected to the APTE Certification Advisory Board.

Board Vice Chair

Jonathon Sorto-Velasquez, BS, CPT

Introduced to Health and Fitness at the age of 15, Jonathan dedicated countless hours learning about the human body and nutrition. A 2010 personal trainer graduate from B.O.C.E.S. Barry Tech, Westbury, Johnathan has continued his education in personal training by completing the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education certification program in July 2011. Additionally, Jonathan is a Graduate of Dowling with a Bachelor of Science Physical Education. As a personal trainer and having field experience as a physical education major, Johnathan is dedicated and passionate in helping clients overcome health and fitness obstacles; he believes with motivation and the guide of an educated trainer, any goal is possible. Johnathan believes that personal training is not a just job, but a long-term career of sharing in the journey to success through physical, mental and emotional achievements. He takes great pride in the privilege of guiding his clients to successfully meet their goals and believes the true success of personal training comes from the success of the client.



Richard Pagona, CPT


William Eagen, CPT

Will certified with APTE as a fitness instructor in 2010 and also earned a license as a physical therapist assistant. In the field of rehabilitation, he currently specializes in Orthopedic Sports Medicine and assists with both injury prevention programs and sports recovery services. Personally, he has almost 15 years of grappling experience, beginning with wrestling and ultimately developing a strong affinity for both Gi and No-Gi jiu-jitsu. Will believes that concepts in fitness and nutrition, as essential components of lifestyle medicine, can be learned and practiced by everyone. However, it remains the responsibility of the professional to not only share the necessary knowledge but then be able to safely guide and inspire others towards a journey of better health and wellbeing. 

Cory Krigbaum, CPT, RTS


Aneillo Iadevaia, MS, CPT

Aneillo graduated in 2006 from C.W. Post with a BA in Physical Education. Teaching has always been an important aspect in my fitness journey. I started working at Equinox in 2009 as a Personal Trainer. Since then, I have worked my way up to Tier 3+ trainer, Equinox EFTI Master Instructor and now as a Personal Training Manager in the Great Neck Location. I recently graduated from Hofstra with a Masters' in Sports Science. I currently hold a NYS Teaching certification in Physical Education, NASM-CPT and a Precision Nutrition level one certification.  

Peter Lombardi, CPT

Peter is the founder and owner of Elevation Fitness in Babylon, New York. A 20,000 square foot Fitness, Wellness, and Performance Center. Peter has spent over 17 years in the fitness industry as a fitness facility manager and personal trainer. His background is eclectic and extensive with a focus in exercise physiology and orthopedic rehabilitation, neuromuscular therapy, and holistic lifestyle coaching. As a personal trainer, holistic health practitioner & neuromuscular therapist, Peter’s approach blends the art and science of exercise to give his clients what they want and what they need. Peter’s passion is the constant learning that comes with being a health and fitness professional. His desire is to be surrounded by like-minded people who want to stimulate positive change in the health and fitness industry. Peter is also the creator of the Elevation Fitness, Wellness and Performance Podcast. The podcast interviews local health and fitness professionals and focuses on sharing information and ideas relative to fitness, wellness, and performance.

Public Member

Tom Purcaro, PT Consumer


Director of Certification - CAB Liaison

Carla Desimone


Certificate Advisory Board Policy and Procedures Manual

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