Certification Advisory Board

AAPTE Mission Statement

The Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE) Certification Board is committed to...

  • provide in both theoretical and practical formats the most educational, comprehensive, informative, progressive, motivational, and research oriented information currently available to the student, professional, and allied health professional.
  • enable the certified health-fitness professional to associate with other allied health care professionals in a quest to serve the client so that the highest level of health and fitness is achieved through the implementation of safe, effective, and efficient exercise prescription and nutritional practices.
  • serve both the practicing professional and professional candidate in the most, practical, ethical, and academic manner possible.
  • be a respected resource, providing leadership in the field of health and fitness education and continuing education through action, deed, and character.


The purpose of the Certification Advisory Board (CAB) is to serve the practicing professional and professional candidate in the field of personal training by developing and maintaining procedures for conducting valid, reliable and ethical practices, meeting national certification program standards.

Board of Directors

The Academy of Applied Personal Training Education’s board of directors consists of a group of health and fitness industry professionals, who provide advisement, administrate and oversee the policy and direction of the organization. The Academy of Applied Personal Training Education board members have distinguished backgrounds in health, fitness, research and education and with their collective expertise provide support to the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education’s mission and vision.

Board President and Chair

Vincent Carvelli B.S., R.T.S., C.P.T. Director of Education

Vincent’s personal training career began in 1990 when he earned his first of many nationally accredited personal training certifications. During his tenure as a trainer, he logged nearly 25,000 hours of session time. Since 1991, Vincent has owned, managed, developed, worked with and consulted for many personal training facilities, schools, and nationally recognized health and fitness organizations in the areas of strength and conditioning, staff and facility development. In 1996, Vincent co-founded the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE), an education, continuing education and nationally accredited personal training certification organization. He has maintained his position as president, director of education and resistance training exercise biomechanics instructor. As CAB Board President and Chair, Vincent does not hold any voting rights.

Board Managing Director

Board Members

Joshua Harrison B.S.; C.P.T.- E.F.S.

Joshua began in the fitness industry as a freshman in College more than 23 years ago and graduated Temple University. Over the last 2+ decades he has held a number of fitness department positions for various fitness companies throughout northeast US; from volunteer floor attendant to Regional Personal Training Manager. Joshua is thrilled to be able to work with the AAPTE and contribute to the education and preparation for others to enjoy the opportunity to work in he fitness industry.

Theresa Cordova M.S.c; C.P.T.- H.F.I.

Director of Certification

In her current position, Theresa maintains the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accreditation and is responsible for the development, implementation, reliability and validity of the AAPTE certification examination. Theresa also organizes and directs tasks that enhance the development of the AAPTE Certified Personal Training course curriculum. Theresa has been a Certified Personal Trainer- Health Fitness Instructor since 2004 working with a variety of clients.

Jeffrey Schwartz M.D., C.P.T.- H.F.I.

Jeffrey is a physician Administrator with specialty training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR). Jeffrey is a Certified Fitness Instructor through the AAPTE and works with predominantly post-surgical clients in both fitness facilities, as well as in home training. Jeffrey is a graduate of Columbia University and sits on the Mailman School of Public Health Alumni Board Mentoring Committee.

Michael Ryan NSCA-CSCS & CPT, NASM – CES

Michael is a fitness professional serving the industry for over 24 years.  A graduate of Queens College with a BA in Health Management, he is also certified via the NSCA-CSCS & CPT, NASM – CES, Precision Nutrition and a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Corporately, Michael is an educator to his peers as a Master Instructor and a Tier 4 Coach for Equinox and operates a private practice on Long Island.   Educating various populations on the fundamentals of movement, nutrition and regeneration thereby inspiring them to integrate these principles into their activities of daily living is the driving force that has kept him thriving in this ever changing environment.  Michael is a proponent of continuing education and is honored to be elected to the AAPTE Certification Advisory Board.

Johnathon Sorto-Velasquez, BS, C.P.T – E.F.S

Introduced to Health and Fitness at the age of 15, Jonathan dedicated countless hours learning about the human body and nutrition. A 2010 personal trainer graduate from B.O.C.E.S. Barry Tech, Westbury, Johnathan has continued his education in personal training by completing the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education certification program in July 2011. Additionally, Jonathan is a Graduate of Dowling with a Bachelor’s of Science Physical Education.

As a personal trainer and having field experience as a physical education major, Johnathan is dedicated and passionate in helping clients overcome health and fitness obstacle; he believes with motivation and the guide of an educated trainer, any goal is possible. Johnathan believes that personal training is not a just job, but a long-term career of sharing in the journey to success through physical, mental and emotion achievements. He takes great pride in the privilege of guiding his clients to successfully meeting their goals and believes the true success to personal training comes from the success of the client.

Public Member

Karen Saladino, C.P.T. Consumer

Karen's interest in becoming a personal training consumer stems from health-related challenges, injury and the desire to perform exercise appropriately. Karen has been consistently working with a certified personal trainer two times a week for over two years. Through her training experiences, Karen has gained an understanding of the importance of the profession and the contributions a personal trainer can make in an individual's life. Given her dedication and experience working with a personal training professional, Karen is being nominated as the public member for the AAPTE Certificate Advisory Board.