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Journey into Tranquility Meditation Certification Course


Mental fitness is the perfect complement to physical fitness. By learning to calm and refocus the mind, one can take their personal fitness, goals and life to a new level. 

1. Breathe  - The proper way to breathe is the first step to relax your body, when done the right way. By calming the nervous system, you can accomplish relaxation of the mind and body quickly. This course teaches several breath awareness and breathing techniques... 

2. Refocus  - The world provides a lot of chaos to our daily routine. For someone to enter into a meditative state, the mind needs to be refocused. We teach effective techniques to refocus the mind to help one achieve a meditative state

3. Journey -Create a guided meditation experience for your clients...

Course Description

 1: Introduction to the Course  2: Overview of Course Modules and Getting Started  3: Course Modules

Module 1: History, Types and Science Behind Meditation Module 2: Breathing, the Basics Module 3: Breathing Techniques Module 4: Techniques for Refocusing the Mind Module 5: Journey into Tranquility Introduction Module 6: Three Journeys into Tranquility - examples Module 7: Developing Meditation Programs

What’s included:

Access your course with a computer, tablet or smartphone. Take your course when you want, where you want. Your access never expires. go back and relearn material when needed. Videos, articles, homework and quizzes designed for a proven learning experience.

End of course test to ensure knowledge and understanding of course Up to CECs for completing the course  Support from Journey into Tranquility founder and team aiding success as a meditation instructor

Completed course work earns 10 CEC's



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